As we embrace 2024, ISINNOVA stands at the forefront of a new era, reflecting on a transformative 2023 that has consolidated our position as key enablers in the European research and innovation realm

Over the past year, we’ve advanced our mission, integrated our perspectives into the European framework and increased our impact on a national scale. Our efforts in diverse research projects, including bioenergy, urban mobility, soil health and climate mitigation, have strengthened our commitment to building a sustainable future and providing strategic insights for development. With notable achievements in bioenergy, awards in urban mobility and pioneering foresight activities in envisioning the future, we’ve demonstrated our ability to define and pursue the desirable future of innovation. Our expertise has found a place to connect and excel through Horizon Europe‘s extensive research funding programme, and we’ve seen our projects come to life. As we enter 2024, we’re ready to expand our portfolio of projects and lead novel collaborative adventures.

Seeding the future with SEED MICAT

ISINNOVA is proud to announce the launch of SEED MICAT – an initiative looking to embed the Energy Efficiency First (EE1) principle into the governance practices of the EU and its Member States. This project promotes the widespread application of the principle through a robust analytical tool, metaphorically ‘sowing the seeds’ for its widespread adoption. In addition to highlighting the urgency of fossil fuel divestment, SEED MICAT calls for a careful assessment of the multiple impacts (MI) associated with different pathways to carbon neutrality. By incorporating renewable energy into the MI framework, SEED MICAT promotes the seamless integration of policy modules and demonstrates their adaptability across levels of governance. The project’s investment in replication analysis, capacity building and an active dissemination strategy ensures a comprehensive knowledge of EE1 implementation across Europe.

TWINRD: Shaping the road to a green and digital transition

TWINRD is a beacon of innovation in reshaping the European Union’s approach to research and innovation (R&I) modelling, with a strong focus on green technologies and their leading-edge sectors. Recognising the shortcomings of existing macro-economic models, TWINRD will refine and enhance widely used modelling tools such as GEM-E3 and NEMESIS and introduce new data and technology classifications that focus on green and digital innovation. Moreover, the initiative aims to create an innovative, open-source model that aligns with the ‘twin transition’ – a harmonious movement towards a sustainable economy that is deeply integrated with digital advances. This large-scale model will go beyond traditional methods by considering both supply and demand dynamics. TWINRD is dedicated to assessing how R&I policies can shape socio-economic and environmental realities, and to ensuring that the lessons learned are instrumental in shaping future policies. To maximize the project’s impact, the TWINRD Open Forum will cultivate a space for collaboration, inviting a wide range of stakeholders to contribute to the research that will chart Europe’s twin green and digital course.

HyPEF: Advancing a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy

Born at the intersection of innovation and environmental stewardship, the Hype project is heralding a new chapter for fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) systems in the global energy landscape. With sustainability as a core tenet of our climate strategy, HyPEF is committed to establishing the first ever Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) specifically tailored for FCH products. This initiative marks a significant step towards science-based environmental assessment, ensuring that FCH technologies are consistent, repeatable, and transparent in terms of their lifecycle environmental impact. HyPEF will focus on formulating PEFCRs for key FCH products, such as electrolysers, hydrogen storage tanks and stationary fuel cells, while improving the quality of data that is critical for environmental benchmarking. This project goes beyond assessment, laying the groundwork for FCH products to be recognised as viable sustainable investments, end route for a hydrogen economy in line with our environmental goals.

ISINNOVA is looking forward to further collaborations with global partners to spearhead research and innovation in EU-funded initiatives and other international projects.