This appointment confirms ISINNOVA’s leading role in the Italian research and innovation community.

We are pleased to announce that, at the same time as the appointment of Prof. Maria Cristina Pedicchio as President of the Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE), the Agency’s Governing Board has appointed Andrea Ricci as President of the APRE Technical and Scientific Committee (STC). These appointments are a significant recognition of their commitment and outstanding careers in research and innovation.

APRE: a pillar of Italian research

APRE, the first and only organisation of its kind in Italy, aims to support and facilitate Italian participation in the European Union’s Research and Innovation (R&I) funding programmes through information, training and assistance services. Founded in 1989 as the European Research Task Force on the initiative of MURST (Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research) and several public and private organisations, APRE responded to the growing demand for information on European research programmes. Since 1990, it has operated as a non-profit association in the public interest, offering free assistance to anyone who requests it. Today, APRE has more than 150 members, among the leading R&I players on the national scene.

Andrea Ricci: a protagonist of the European research

Andrea Ricci obtained a Master’s in Engineering at the Ecole Centrale in Paris. He has been a pillar of ISINNOVA since 1981, where he has served as Vice President and is currently a Senior Partner and Lead Researcher. He has extensive experience as a foresight expert, having conducted numerous studies and research on sustainability policies, impact assessment and foresight analysis, with a particular focus on public policy.

His major projects include EFONET, FLAGSHIP and BOHEMIA. He has coordinated numerous European research projects and evaluated innovation proposals in various fields, including energy, transport, environment and social sciences. Andrea has also contributed to the ex-post evaluation of EU research and innovation programmes, in international cooperation, environment and bio-economy. He has led the Horizon 2020 Transport Advisory Group and served on the Horizon Europe Climate Change and Soil Mission Boards. Since 2022, he has led the APRE Expert Group ‘From Horizon Europe to FP10’.

A permanent commitment to research and innovation

Andrea Ricci’s appointment as President of the APRE STC is an important milestone that testifies to his commitment and decades-long contribution to research and innovation in Italy and Europe. We are confident that his leadership and strategic vision will make an impressive contribution to the deliberations of the STC and the entire APRE community.

Together with Prof. Maria Cristina Pedicchio, who takes over the presidency of APRE, Andrea Ricci will contribute to further strengthening the Agency’s role in promoting European research and supporting the development of innovative science and technology policies.

Looking to the future with optimism

Prof. Maria Cristina Pedicchio and Eng. Andrea Ricci’s appointment demonstrates APRE’s commitment to maintaining high standards of excellence in promoting European research, and it is a source of pride for ISINNOVA to see the value and expertise of its team recognised.

We warmly congratulate Andrea Ricci on this important milestone.