The Foresight-on-Demand (FOD) consortium secures a four-year extension to innovate and support EU policies

We are honoured to announce that the Foresight-on-Demand (FOD) consortium, led by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and comprising 14 other European organisations, including ISINNOVA – Research Innovation Sustainability, has secured a significant four-year extension. This extension will allow the consortium to continue to support the European Commission in its science and technology policy planning. Through this strategic collaboration, the Commission will have rapid access to key foresight studies to guide and support Europe’s investment plans in science, technology and innovation. The studies developed by the FOD consortium have already had a significant impact on the design of the second strategic plan for Horizon Europe 2025-2027.

Strategic support to the European Commission

The projects carried out by the Foresight-on-Demand consortium have provided the European Commission with the necessary insights to prepare strategic investment programmes such as Horizon Europe. These studies have proactively addressed critical challenges such as climate change, digitalisation and globalisation. Beneficiaries of foresight studies include several European Commission Directorates-General, such as Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Justice and Consumers, Research and Innovation, and the European Environment Agency and Mission Boards.

Shaping the future with foresight

The foresight studies carried out by the FOD consortium are based on scientific, systemic and participatory approaches and provide essential knowledge to guide policy-making processes. A key example is the foresight study on the future of school education in the European Union, commissioned by the Directoire.

Positive impacts and cooperation

In addition to concrete outcomes such as scenarios, visions and operational recommendations, foresight processes have indirect effects. Through workshops, debates, Delphi surveys and interviews, these processes reorganise and consolidate stakeholder networks, which are essential for implementing agile and transformative policies. The platform is an information hub and exchange platform for the European foresight community.

Evidence-based policies

The results and operational recommendations of the Foresight-on-Demand consortium have been integrated into the European Commission’s agencies, as demonstrated by the analysis of the Horizon Europe 2025-2027 strategic plan. The geopolitical scenarios of the Foresight-on-Demand projects have attracted considerable international attention, highlighting the potential of these processes to provide a solid knowledge base for future policy decisions.

ISINNOVA: the only Italian partner of the FOD consortium

ISINNOVA is proud to be the only Italian partner of the Foresight-on-Demand consortium. Founded in 1971, ISINNOVA is an independent research centre dedicated to using research to inform decision-making and develop innovative solutions. With a deep understanding of the forces influencing business strategies and public policy, we focus on co-creating long-term visions and advising on strategic development plans. ISINNOVA’s foresight studies help public and private organisations predict future scenarios, identify risks and opportunities, and design appropriate growth strategies. With our commitment to research, innovation and sustainability, we continue to contribute to developing effective and forward-looking policies for a better future.

The Foresight-on-Demand consortium partners

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology (lead), ISINNOVA – Research Innovation Sustainability, 4strat, Finland Futures Research Institute, Fraunhofer, Arctik, Visionary Analytics, Tecnopolis Group, IDEA Consult, Institutol de Prospectiva, Insight Foresight Institute, Center for Social Innovation, 4CF The Futures Literacy Company, RAND Europe, Technogickè Centrum AV CR.