ISINNOVA was established in 1971 with a mission: use research to inform decision-making and develop innovative solutions.  

With a deep understanding of the forces affecting business strategy and public policy, ISINNOVA’s research focuses on five themes to co-create long-term visions and advise on systemic and strategic development plans. 

The world of transportation and mobility is shifting. Health-related factors and environmental concerns are driving forces behind the change, which is creating both new challenges and new opportunities.

Dense populations, high energy consumption, and a concentration of industry and innovation. Cities are key in the fight against climate change.

Energy and resource consumption are both increasing. We need to define new economic, regulatory and behavioural models that focus on decarbonisation.

Health challenges can be unpredictable and disruptive, and transforming health care is an urgent matter being faced by countries across Europe. Foresight analysis can help equip you for the future.

How can we exploit new technologies and innovations whilst minimising their risks? Technological developments are advancing at breakneck speed, but the institutions regulating these activities are struggling to keep pace.