The world of transportation and mobility is shifting. Health-related factors and environmental concerns are driving forces behind the change, which is creating both new challenges and new opportunities.

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Millions of people use transport systems every day. Prices are falling, especially in air transport, and new technologies are providing users with real-time information and the ability to combine different means of transport to reach their destinations. However, urban areas are still suffering from congestion and a level of service that could be much improved, especially for commuters.

Transportation is being transformed by three trends:

1. Technological development and the growth of sophisticated and flexible services;
2. The development of new engines and fuels, aimed at reducing dependence on fossil fuels;
3. A move towards shared mobility, largely driven by changing social norms and a reduction in the social status conferred by individually owned transport.

Environmental impact is increasingly critical. A global rise in living standards has led to massive growth in the use of private and public transport. Without a correspondent increase in the use of environmentally friendly engines and fuels, the effect on the environment will be devastating.

We can help to promote sustainable transport through our research, which backs transport policies for public transport and active modes (cycling and walking). We conduct environmental impact assessments that support sustainable transport policies with quantitative analyses, along with studies on the social and behavioural variables that encourage the use of clean and sustainable transport.

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