Good organisation and a thorough knowledge of funding instruments, programmes and procedures can turn an interesting concept into a successful project. With decades of experience in coordinating European projects, ISINNOVA can help you to achieve your ideas by creating a step-by-step roadmap, and managing the entire process from start to finish.

ISINNOVA has longstanding experience with and in-depth knowledge of European Commission (EC) funding. Coordinators and partners on more than 120 Research and Innovation (R&I) projects funded by EC Framework Programmes, ISINNOVA notably deploys its expertise in energy, transportation and mobility, environment, ICT, health, and the interdisciplinary area of social sciences and the humanities.

ISINNOVA also supports the development and implementation of innovative solutions for small to medium enterprises (SME), helping them to mobilise funds and achieve breakthrough innovations supported by  Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) funding opportunities.

With direct insights into the dynamics of the evaluation panels, our project management service can help you to:

  • Explore European, national and regional funding options, providing you with tailored advice on the most appropriate strategy to turn your idea into a fundable project
  • Connect you with other organisations in Europe and worldwide, such as institutes, universities and SMEs, helping you to establish new collaborations and networks
  • Build a competitive consortium for your proposal, then draft and submit a cohesive, clearly organised and well-written application
  • Efficiently manage your research project, coordinating teams and resources, communicating clearly and managing risks to help ensure you deliver on your objectives on time and on-budget