EU Cities Missions - Parma with ISINNOVA


The word is out: the City of Parma, backed by ISINNOVA’s strategic support, was officially selected among 377 candidates as one of the EU Cities Missions’ 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030.
A shared vision come true! ISINNOVA’s partnership with the City of Parma goes way back and has brought us together working on different innovation-driven projects and solutions for smart, more sustainable cities (ie. Ruggedised).

In the words of Ursula von der Leyen, the proclaimed Mission Cities will be «trailblazers, who set even higher goals». Their commitment to reach climate neutrality by 2030 will transform them in innovation hubs, delivering concrete solutions for the greatest climate challenge. At the same time, their hands-on experience will empower other cities in speeding up their own twin ecological and digital transitions to meet the same goals by 2050.

Now the challenge gets real as we look forward to continue supporting Parma in designing approaches to reach net-zero carbon emissions in the coming 8 years, through high-impact solutions and cross-departmental synergies in clean energy, urban planning, waste management, active transport and community engagement.

A first tangible outcome of our partnership is a new joint endeavour: together with other nine European cities, we just submitted with the European Commission our JustClimateNeutral proposal, with the intent of transforming our cities into more liveable, green, and cohesive places. A new cooperation that promises to help Parma get closer to achieving the Mission.

Today, our congratulations go out to all the other selected cities (nine of which Italian). We hope to “meet” other cities along the way to add our experience and expertise to this shared journey towards sustainable development!

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