HANDSHAKE supports the effective take up of the integrated cycling solutions successfully developed by Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Munich, our Cycling Capitals and world-renowned cycling front runners, to our 10 highly committed Future Cycling Capitals, Bordeaux Metropole, Bruges, Cadiz, Dublin, Helsinki, Krakow, Greater Manchester, Riga, Rome and Turin.

Our partner cities are combined in a composite working environment in which diverse geographical contexts, socio-economic conditions and planning cultures work toward the same goals, that is, delivering the desired cycling change.

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*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 769177.


The project believes that effective transfer can happen only in the presence of:

  • State-of-art body of knowledge on cycling policy and solutions;
  • Sustaining transition processes;
  • Motivating and supporting forms of mentorship.

In HANDSHAKE this is ensured by the presence of 3 cycling planning champions, the employment of highly innovative methods brought together into a supportive and novel transfer cycle (including Bikenomics, Immersive Study Tours and Transition Management), and a mentorship programme that takes by the hand each participating city.


The main role of ISINNOVA is the coordination of the project.

ISINNOVA has also the leadership of WP1 “Prepare for action”, the preparatory phase for the transfer of the cycling solutions, and will contribute to the preparation of the Post-project Action Plans and of the guidance on influencing factors for cycling planning practice and innovation.


ISINNOVA, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Munich, Bordeaux, Bruges, Cadiz, Dublin, Krakow, Helsinki, Manchester, Riga, Rome, Turin, UCI, Mobiel21, Velo Mondial, Decisio, ICLEI.


Mario Gualdi

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