FEASIBLE focuses on fostering actions to upgrade the energy efficiency of residential and public buildings in the municipalities of the Italian province of Parma. The project’s target audience is made up of the owners and renters of apartments within the same condominium buildings, as well as owners/managers of public assisted living places. With regard to the private sector, the project makes explicit reference to the recent tax incentive measures put in place by the Italian state to substantially improve the deep renovation of multifamily buildings.

*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 847118.


FEASIBLE will encourage the penetration of these measures through targeted support actions, including a consensus-building process aimed at apartment owners living in these buildings and the establishment of a one-stop-shop facility to provide institutional, legal and technical support to the citizens and the building managers interested in improving the energy efficiency of their residences. As for the public sector, FEASIBLE aims at improving the energy efficiency of the real estate assets managed by a public company of the Municipality of Parma  that takes care of older people and those in need. This will happen through the development of a set of energy efficiency interventions (cogeneration, trigeneration, replacement of lighting facilities, energy service management) constituting a benchmark and a reference standard for their possible replication in other structures of this type. The consortium is led by the Municipality of Parma and has six partners, all based in Italy.


  • Support for the project’s management;
  • Coordination of the consensus-building process in the condominiums involved;
  • Leadership of the dissemination and communication activities.


Comune di Parma, ATES, ISINNOVA, ASP, Andrea Panzavolta, Marco Aicardi.


Stefano Faberi