Reducing pollution and congestion, limiting accidents and fatalities on the roads, and achieving decarbonization targets by 2030, preparing the groundwork for zero-emission cities by 2050: these are the goals of CIVINET Italia.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, urban mobility faced unprecedented challenges, while 2022 marked a transitional period as cities struggled to recover from the effects of the pandemic. Public transport systems struggled to regain their central place in society following a significant drop in passenger numbers due to the restrictions needed to contain the virus. With the resumption of urban mobility, cities are striving to comply with the European Union’s sustainable mobility guidelines, while the “MobilitAria 2023” report has highlighted the sustainable mobility deficit in 14 Italian metropolitan areas.

The goal is clear: to reduce pollution and congestion, limit road accidents and fatalities, and achieve decarbonisation targets by 2030, laying the foundations for zero-emission cities by 2050. To achieve these ambitious goals, an innovative and collaborative approach is essential.

CIVINET Italia: Bridging the gap between European and Italian cities

CIVINET Italia, supported by ISINNOVA, is at the forefront of this transformative journey. CIVINET Italia aims to become a crucial link between Italian cities and the European urban mobility landscape. The Italian network, dedicated to cities, local authorities, public administrations as well as universities and non-profit organisations, will serve as a primary source of information on European urban mobility policies, facilitating the connection between local authorities and the European framework. Recognising that some Italian local authorities may not have the capacity to interact with Brussels, CIVINET Italia is committed to bringing Europe closer to these cities and vice versa.

A vision for a sustainable future

The Italian CIVINET network has a multi-faceted vision to bring the cities of the future to life.

  • European and international dimension: Positioning itself as an exchange hub to disseminate and share mobility studies, reports, local strategies and other information at European level.
  • Platform for member engagement: CIVINET Italia will be used by members to publicise their activities and learn from each other.
  • Information on funding and best practice: The CIVINET network will provide dedicated information on European funding sources for members’ activities.
  • Up-to-date news and information exchange: Provide a channel for discussion and exchange on European initiatives, funding calls and innovative sustainable mobility policies, including practical examples from Italian cities using European funds.

Empowering Italian cities with the opportunities offered by Europe

The strategy of the Italian CIVINET network is to strengthen mutual learning and sector knowledge, promoting dialogue and exchange of best practices in urban mobility, especially those supported by European funds. A series of events, both face-to-face and webinars, will be organised to discuss topics of interest and share knowledge within the network.

A new start for CIVINET Italia

In order to relaunch the activities of the CIVINET Italia network, we will start with an assessment of user needs and consolidate our contact database, the “Call for CIVINETs” membership campaign, in line with the CIVINET networks of other European countries. To find out more, please visit the website: Subscribe to our LinkedIn page CIVINET Italia | LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest news and initiatives.