One of the greatest challenges for urbanisation in both China and the European Union is understanding how to best design and turn cities into intelligent, socially integrative and sustainable environments. The TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA project addresses this issue, aiming to help policy makers, urban authorities, real estate developers, public service providers and citizens to create socially integrative cities in an environmentally friendly and financially viable way, and helping urban stakeholders to reflect and eventually reconsider their approaches towards sustainable urbanisation.

The project’s final conference will be held across two days, on 10-11 May 2021 at 7am CEST. We warmly welcome you to join us at this event, where you will hear presentations on:

  • The project’s results
  • Major policy recommendations
  • A compendium of tools for socially integrative urban development

For the full event programme, and to register, click here.