A new Foresight on Demand project, entitled, ‘European Urban Mobility 2050: A horizon scanning project’, was launched by ISINNOVA with an online kick-off meeting held on 18 December 2020.

Many factors will influence how urban mobility evolves by 2050. How will this impact our environment, and pursuit for sustainability? That is what the Foresight on Demand project intends to find out. It will identify, discuss and systematise the emerging issues that are likely to modify urban mobility patterns and analyse their possible impacts on the environment and health, correlating them with changes to society and consumer behaviour.

Policymakers increasingly demand foresight methods to support evidence-based governance that can help define policies that put the EU on a sustainable path. Commissioned by the European Environmental Agency in Copenhagen, this Foresight on Demand project sets out to provide the targeted narratives that policymakers need in order to transition in the right direction.