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ISINNOVA has participated in over 80 projects at international level, both as a leader and as a partner, in a number of different fields, such as access restrictions, alternative fuel, cycling, energy, environment, ITS, participatory governance, scenarios & governance, transport & urban mobility and transport pricing.

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Our services

Having supported the decision-making of national, regional and local authorities in and outside Europe for decades, ISINNOVA today is an expert advisor on policy integration, focusing on policy effectiveness, cost sustainability and related technologies. ISINNOVA can be a strategic partner for administrations and bodies wishing to implement sustainable development solutions. ISINNOVA offers a wide array of services and solutions, from project management to sustainable development.

Additional services

ISINNOVA has a proven track record in leading European and international large-scale projects, funded by institutions such as the European Commission. ISINNOVA expertise covers the full life-cycle of a project: from the identification of financing schemes, to the set up of a project proposal, the establishment of ad-hoc project consortia, the coordination of project activities according to specific rules of procedure, and final reporting. ISINNOVA has participated to more than 80 European projects, both as a partner and main coordinator.

ISINNOVA specialises in impact assessment, by focusing mainly on the following areas: External Costs Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Energy Externalities Assessment, Technology/Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Efficiency Assessment . ISINNOVA has a well-established experience in supporting international, national and local public bodies in finding the right balance between cost effectiveness and sustainability in the fields of energy, environment, transport and mobility, urban planning, and knowledge society. ISINNOVA has also worked in the field of policy impact assessment, with particular reference to socio-economic impacts.

Decision support systems are a key asset in today’ economies. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary team – including engineers, statisticians, experts in information technology, economists – ISINNOVA is able to elaborate sophisticated theoretical and technical tools to analyse systemic problems and situations, developing its own interactive and user-friendly software applications for the construction of mathematical forecasting models and the definition of future scenarios.

ISINNOVA is a partner of choice for administrations and bodies who want to maximize the results of activities and projects, reaching out to different target groups in the fields of Transport, Energy, Environment, Planning and Participation. ISINNOVA has acquired solid experience in the involving key stakeholders at local, national and international level, using its consolidated network of contacts and partners.