Carlo Sessa

Senior Partner

Lead Researcher

Main area of expertise: Foresight, Quality of Life Indicators, Community Engagement

Degree in Statistical and Demographic Sciences (Sapienza University, Rome)

“For progress to occur, it is fundamental that industry experts, policymakers and citizens engage with one another.”

Carlo joined ISINNOVA in 1983.

Carlo is ISINNOVA’s Research Director and former company President.

Carlo has extensive experience in coordinating EU research projects, particularly in the fields of transport, energy, environment, and urban governance.

Carlo is passionate about bringing together industry experts and citizens to discuss future scenarios and challenges, with a view to increasing public awareness of science and technology, and he leads several participatory projects to this end.

Projects coordinated and supported by Carlo include: TRANSPLUS (transport and land use planning), RAISE (raising citizen awareness of European urban research), Move Together (citizen engagement in sustainable mobility research), AWARE (citizen engagement in coastal water quality research), PASHMINA and FLAGSHIP (foresight projects), and ESPON QoL (territorial quality of life measurement).

Amongst his notable achievements, Carlo developed a grant allocation methodology that is used by local authorities, including the Italian Ministry of the Interior. Before joining ISINNOVA, Carlo conducted research at New York University together with Nobel Prize winner, Wassily Leontieff.

Carlo’s favourite book is “The Strange Order of Things: Life, Feeling and the Making of Cultures”, by Antonio Damasio.

Speaks: Italian, English, French


Carlo’s publications include: