New project, REBALANCE, has just launched! A kick-off meeting was held online on 7 December 2020, and was attended by project leader ISINNOVA, together with partners Ersilia Foundation, Tech University of Dresden, University Gustave Eiffel, University of Žilina, and Osborne Clarke.

What’s the REBALANCE project about?

Emerging technologies in transport and communication are generating immense opportunities – but also challenges. COVID-19 has abruptly thrown these issues into the spotlight, and the meaning, value, and impacts of physical and virtual mobility in Europe need to be critically examined.

That’s where REBALANCE comes in.

Moving from the assumption that the current European mobility culture has led to unsustainable patterns, REBALANCE embraces the highly challenging ambition of devising and promoting a new model. This alternative narrative will put the deeply rooted values and beliefs held by Europeans at the core of the policy debate. What are those beliefs? A more egalitarian society, more safety and conviviality, more environmental quality, and an increasing emphasis on safeguarding the health of our planet.

REBALANCE brings together an unconventional array of multidisciplinary thinkers who will shake up current ways of thinking and contribute to a forward-looking exercise aimed at a paradigm shift – to help shape the mobility culture of the future.

Proposing a “Vision” for Europe 2050, REBALANCE will lay the foundations for a long-term cultural change in the way we understand mobility and in how decisions on transport policies are made.