A real understanding of costs, environmental impacts, and other external factors can help you to make better decisions and draft better policies. ISINNOVA, with its longstanding experience in assessment and evaluation, can guide you, helping ensure that your investments, policies, and initiatives enable you to achieve your objectives.

Deciding which project to invest in is a multifaceted process. But it need not be a gamble – let a structured process of analysing the potential environmental, economic and social consequences provide the rationale.

Do you need to communicate possible project consequences to reinforce and justify your decisions? Do you need to understand the impacts of your project, so you can replicate or improve it?

ISINNOVA’s expertise in evaluation encompasses identifying, measuring, interpreting, and communicating the results of policies and solutions.

At the forecasting stage (ex-ante), evaluation is a powerful tool that supports and guides political decisions, can be used to inform the community, and enables you to evaluate and choose between different options. In the results phase (ex-post), evaluation analyses outcomes, comparing them with expectations or alternative scenarios.

ISINNOVA can help you evaluate the potential or actual results of your policies and solutions, using proven methodologies that have been developed over years of working with institutions at European, national and local level. We work closely with our clients, helping them define their areas of interest, the method to be applied, and the data to be collected, so that we can analyse and explain the results obtained.