There’s no reason why your city can’t have it all: improved mobility, more efficient energy, smart technology. The solutions are already out there. Using its proprietary methodology, ISINNOVA can identify which ideas will work best for you – and how to effectively apply them in your country or city.

Every town and country has different needs, and the road to progress distinct to each. How can you know whether a specific tool will work in yours? ISINNOVA’s INSPIRE methodology can determine how successful a given solution – whether technology, product, service or policy – might be, and suggest changes to tailor its chances of success to your local context.

INSPIRE analyses socio-cultural aspects, technologies, effectiveness, environments, economies and ecosystems. These dimensions are selected on a case-by-case basis, and the results of this multi-dimensional analysis are combined to determine the overall application potential of different urban solutions or national policies in the cities or countries being assessed. Sensitivity analyses can also be conducted.

Private companies that want to test the application potential of a services in a wide range of contexts can also benefit.

INSPIRE uses two proprietary tools – SITEE and MEETS, with others under development.