Policies and initiatives that are drafted with the input of the communities they serve tend to have much higher levels of approval and backing from citizens. ISINNOVA has a proven, multi-step approach to building stakeholder engagement for truly participatory decision-making – and more successful policies.

Establishing a dialogue with stakeholders and making them part of your decision-making process is increasingly important to deploying effective strategies or policies for change. Working with both the public and private sector, ISINNOVA’s proven, multi-step approach to stakeholder engagement helps build consensus and involvement even across groups with very different needs and ways of communicating.

Engaging with stakeholders can lead to higher levels of acceptance, and, as a result, less resistance and higher impact. For some activities, such as scenario-building and foresight, involving and engaging with stakeholders is a prerequisite for building a shared vision and finding strategies to meet common objectives.

ISINNOVA’s multi-step approach includes:

  • Conducting an analysis and mapping exercise to devise the best ways to communicate with and involve different stakeholders. We help you to identify the key parties and their interests, needs and requirements.
  • Assessing user needs and concerns, after which we can support you in using online and live participatory governance tools to ensure that stakeholders are effectively heard.
  • We can then help you to plan and manage communications with your stakeholders using different online and offline channels.

ISINNOVA has organised round table debates and dynamic workshops across Europe, bringing together stakeholders with different backgrounds, views and interests. Using participatory tools and techniques to reach agreements and share outcomes, ISINNOVA’s approach can help pave the way to the best possible outcome for your objectives.