ISINNOVA’s Mario Gualdi recently wrote an op ed on the state of public transport that was published in L’Adige, a northern Italian newspaper (21 August 2018, year 73 – number 229). Inspired by his trip to the Dolomites and bolstered by his expertise in environmental sustainability, transport and energy, he underlined the dangers of trying to maximise the short-term benefits of tourism without building a long-term vision of the future. He suggested instead that, with the participation and input of those who live there, they construct a more lasting and sustainable system that will benefit future generations as well.

As a solution, he recommended that they create a strategic and shared plan, imagining what the Dolomites and the Val di Fassa will look like over the next 20-30 years, involving communities and local administrations, and preparing a medium-to-long term action plan that can guarantee the sustainable development of these territories. He noted, however, that it starts with being aware of the problem and open to change. It is only then that regions can begin building the future with the full participation of their citizens, a shared sense of community and a readiness to face the growing pains that cultural shifts inevitably bring.

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