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Our expertise in transport and urban mobility includes social, economic, and environmental aspects of road, rail, water, air and multi-modal transport. We facilitate cities and regions in preparing for increasing mobility demands while addressing complex problems unique to their individual area.

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  • Francesca Pietroni intervistata per HANDSHAKE su Radio24


March 25th, 2019|Comments Off on ISINNOVA and HANDSHAKE on Radio24

Riding the green wave of the #FridaysForFuture, Francesca Pietroni of ISINNOVA was invited on Sunday, 17 March to talk about the HANDSHAKE project during the "Si può fare” (“It can be done”) programme, to explain [...]

  • PORTIS in Ningbo

CIVITAS PORTIS goes to Ningbo, China

March 22nd, 2019|Comments Off on CIVITAS PORTIS goes to Ningbo, China

(republished from the CIVITAS site) The CIVITAS PORTIS cities Antwerp (Belgium), Aberdeen (UK), Constanta (Romania) and Klaipeda (Lithuania), recently took part in an exchange visit to Ningbo, the project's partner city in China. Invited by [...]