Project Description

SMART GRIDS – Study on Smart Grid Deployment


Photo: NASA

The ultimate aim of this study is to identify legal, economic and other types of barriers to the deployment of smart grid technology and opportunities, besides smart metering. Based on the analysis of the gathered information, policy recommendations will be suggested to remove those barriers and to stimulate further investments in Smart Grids.

The study provided the following main outputs:

  • In-depth knowledge on the concrete economic, legal and other barriers and related problems of “acceptance” that hinder the large-scale roll-out of Smart Grid projects;
  • Best practice examples showing how these barriers can be sorted out to create business opportunities for European industry;
  • Better comprehension of how policy and regulation is either pushing or hindering the roll-out of Smart Grid.
  • Strategic outlook by undertaking a “three horizon model” scenario exercise concerning the future development of technologies and market for low and medium voltage applications;
  • Recommendations to the Smart Grids community and policymakers on the most promising fields of action.

As a partner within this project, ISINNOVA will develop a strategic outlook to frame the policy options within different possible scenarios. These scenarios will consider the mid-and long-term development of these technologies, as well as the market for low- and medium-voltage applications.

  • Tecnalia
  • Vito
  • BAUM
  • RSE