Project Description


flagship FLAGSHIP, short for Forward Looking Analysis of Grand Societal Challenges and Innovative Policies, is a EU FP7 collaborative project coordinated by ISINNOVA that helps to anticipate major challenges that Europe will have to face in the next 20-30 years in the context of the Innovation Union, assessing the impacts of medium to long-term demographic, economic, political and technological trends in Europe in a world context. The global challenges on focus include:

  • An environmental challenge: The need to change the current ways in which essential natural resources are used – due to the non-sustainable human over-exploitation.
  • A societal and economic challenge: The need to anticipate and adapt to societal changes – including political, cultural, demographic and economic transformations in order for the EU to develop into a truly competitive and inclusive knowledge society in the world context.
  • A governance challenge: The need for more effective and transparent governance for the EU and the world – with the creation of more transparent and accountable forms of governance able to anticipate and adapt to the future, but also to spread democracy and transparency on the global level.

*Funded by the European Commission

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  • Understanding and assessing the state of the art of forward looking methodologies in relation to Grand Societal Challenges (GSC) and developing tools and modelling frameworks beyond state of the art;
  • Applying an enhanced set of forward looking methods and tools to support EU policies, by analysing reference and alternative scenarios of long-term demographic, legal, economic, social and political evolutions of Europe, in a world context, and assessing potential progress in technological and social innovation;
  • Driving change, producing a set of EU-relevant policy recommendations on the potential of the EU for transition and change.

The project is articulated in 10 Work Packages, providing a consistent sequence of research activities with a good balance between methodological developments and policy applications addressing long term GSC scenarios. The project include the organization of 4 stakeholders workshops and the final conference with the participation of a wide and diversified range of experts in the sectoral fields as well as the promotion of communication and dissemination actions.

ISINNOVA (Project Coordinator) is the leader of:

  • WP10 “Project Management” ensuring the technical, operative and administrative management of the overall project.
  • WP3 “Integration Board” direct to promote interrelations across the research carried out in the different thematic areas, the consistency the qualitative and the quantitative methods and the coherence of the overall Forward Looking activity process. In particular, ISINNOVA is responsible to carry global scenarios exercise and draft the storylines to be validated on the basis of the outcomes of the integrated models developed.
  • WP8 “Policy Conclusions” aims at drawing policy conclusions and recommendations, highlighting the innovative contributions in both the methodological realm and for what concern the systemic approach to developing GSC-driven policy responses.

Moreover, ISINNOVA contributes to the activities of:

  • WP1 “Current Appraisal of Grand Societal Challenges”
  • WP2 “Beyond the state of the art & enhancement tools”
  • WP6 “Global Governance Challenge”
  • WP9 “Dissemination and stakeholders involvement”
  • BC3
  • CEPS
  • CSD
  • HiiL
  • ICS-UL
  • Mcrit
  • TNO
  • OME
  • SO
  • S4S
  • SEI-Tallinn