Project Description


EcoDots aimed to connect travellers, small and micro enterprises in the hospitality sector, local communities and itineraries sharing a close link to the concept of sustainable and quality tourism. The project brought together a European network of eco-friendly independent accommodations and itineraries situated in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia.

*This project has been co-funded by the European Union 

The main achievement of EcoDots was the development of the new web platform ( and the related mobile application to properly access eco-friendly facilities ranked using shared quality and sustainability indices, and green itineraries made up of smaller, yet interconnected, tourist destinations. By employing an intelligent and integrated web system, the project connected responsible travellers with sustainable touristic experience, working towards the ambitious goal of attaining a form of “competitive-through-differentiation” tourism that Europe is naturally capable of offering.

Thanks to web and mobile applications, travellers can discover and book eco-sustainable accommodations all around Europe, and they have the option to provide ratings and reviews and proactively help shaping the landscape of destinations with recommendations on their own favourite places. At the same time, local sub-networks of entities already practicing responsible ecotourism are able to deploy their potential by leveraging interconnections, ideas and the visibility afforded by the Ecobnb website.

  • Monitoring of administrative, financial and technical aspects of the project;
  • Organisation and management of the projects meeting.

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