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Project Description


CIVITAS PORTIS designs, demonstrates and evaluates integrated sets of sustainable mobility measures in five major port cities on the North Sea (Aberdeen and Antwerp), the Mediterranean Sea (Trieste), the Black Sea (Constanta), and Baltic Sea (Klaipeda). A follower port city on the East China Sea (Ningbo) is also involved.

Local measures are organised in four clusters: Governance- to increase port-city collaborative planning; People-to foster less car-dependent mobility styles; Transport system- to strengthen the efficiency of road traffic management; Goods- to enhance logistics and freight transport.

*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme 

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The ambition is to develop and implement a vision of sustainable mobility that can increase functional and social cohesion between city centres and ports, whilst driving economic growth and improving the attractiveness of urban environments.

  • Project management and support to the City of Antwerp for the overall coordination
  • Organization of a staff exchange initiative between PORTIS cities
  • Responsible for the tasks related to International cooperation, in particular with China

  • Antwerp
  • Apa
  • Provant
  • De Lijn
  • Nmbs
  • Traject
  • Bam
  • Acc
  • A-shire
  • AHB
  • Nestrans
  • RGU
  • COM TS
  • EZIT
  • APT
  • Area Science
  • Tt
  • Dia
  • Pmc
  • Adi – Zmc
  • Ced
  • Ouc
  • Medgreen
  • Apm
  • Kmsa
  • Kkt
  • Sc Lt
  • Nbu
  • Uniabdn
  • Tml
  • EIP
  • Fgm Amor
  • Vectos

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