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Project Description

citymobilCityMobil2 is an EU FP7 large scale project, following the FP6 project CityMobil, focusing on innovative automated transport modes and their demonstration in the cities of Europe. In the CityMobil2 project, 12 partner cities have to make a local study on the implementation of an innovative automated road transport system. Based on this study, each city provides a proposal to host an innovative system demonstrator. The project then selects 5 of these cities to implement the demonstrator in the second phase of the project. Other project activities includes the analysis of the legal framework to allow road automated transport on the street (safety rules, etc.), the ex-ante and evaluation of the 12 case studies and of the implementation of the 5 demonstrators, 5 showcases to disseminate further the innovative systems in other cities, a socio-economic study of the future impact of road automated transport on the car industries business model, and dissemination and exploitation activities. For more information visit the project website.

*Funded by the European Commission – DG Research Transport under the 7th Framework Programme

  • Take a major step towards the diffusion of innovative automated road transport systems by demonstrating their feasibility in urban environments
  • Support the drafting of an European Directive that allows these innovative systems to be accepted and fully certified
  • Demonstrate that the realization of the innovative road transport systems can generate urban transport efficiency, new jobs opportunities and additional benefit
  • Provide guidance to build-up travel awareness campaigns associated to the innovative road automated transport systems, in association with CTL.
  • Lead a socio-economic study, performed in cooperation with POLIS, ERTICO and CTL, developing forward-looking scenarios.
  • ULTra
  • CRF
  • CSST
  • CdROMA
  • D.I.T.S.
  • DLR
  • ENQ
  • EPFL
  • ETRA
  • GEA
  • ITS
  • Rheinisch
  • TNO
  • T&M Leuven
  • TRG