Policy brief: Interdisciplinarity, the social sciences, and responsible research and innovation

The INTREPID COST Action has just released their first policy brief, Recommendations on Integrating Interdisciplinarity, the Social Sciences and the Humanities and Responsible Research and Innovation in EU Research, which arose from a series of discussions held at a recent conference in Lisbon. INTREPID is a network of 27 countries, aimed at making interdisciplinary research in Europe more efficient and effective, to better meet the societal challenges of an increasingly complex and uncertain world. To do this, it is focusing on three areas: understanding what needs to change within programming and funding cycles; building networks and cooperation between policy makers and the research and funding communities; and developing solutions that enable interdisciplinarity.

In their work with COST as delegates for Italy, ISINNOVA’s Andrea Ricci and Carlo Sessa have contributed to surveys, exchanges of experiences, and training on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research methods. During the Lisbon conference, Carlo Sessa was a table facilitator for the interactive session on Responsible Research and Innovation.