ISINNOVA at the Innovative City conference on Smart CitiesOn 27 June 2018, Francesca Pietroni of ISINNOVA presented the RUGGEDISED project at the Innovative City conference in Nice, France. She outlined the main challenges cities are facing and explained how the smart city concept can help them become more resilient and efficient. She then discussed RUGGEDISED, focusing on its replication approach and evaluation methodology, which assesses the level of cooperation within city governance bodies. One of the most important insights of the project is how fundamental cooperation is, not only within the city administration but also among the other relevant stakeholders at the city, country and international level.

Innovative City conference in NiceThe Innovative City conference was aimed at industries, societies, research centres, city planners, and the Nice Chamber of Commerce working in the domain of ‘SMART Cities’. Its goal was to share and discuss experiences and best practices to enhance cooperation among countries within the area of smart cities. It emphasised the importance of cooperation among countries and different actors to foster the development of the smart city model. One of the conference’s highlights was a round table where the RETIC project, the Nice Chamber of Commerce, the cooperative and the company WIT Italia discussed best practices in terms of cooperation in the domain of “smart cities”.

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RUGGEDISED, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, brings together forerunners cities in the transition towards a low carbon and resource efficient economy. As smart and sustainable cities they have chosen to become innovation leaders in providing smart solutions to significantly increase cities’ overall energy and resource efficiency of building stock, energy systems, urban (e-)mobility and public space. Such actions should bring profound economic, social and environmental impacts for the cities, resulting in a better quality of life (including health and social cohesion), competitiveness, jobs and growth.