NEWBITS press release 4Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have a great potential for making passenger and freight transport greener and more efficient. Nevertheless, the introduction of ITS applications to the market remains a major challenge. Collaboration of different stakeholders is thereby key for success. The H2020 project NEWBITS (New Business Models for ITS) has now launched the NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP) under to address these issues.

The NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP) is designed to accommodate the structure of a Community of Interest (CoI), which is a gathering of different stakeholders with common goals, interests and/or environments. The CoI is configured to foster a fully integrated network approach to craft business models for ITS via the NNP.

The NNP provides a single point of access to information related to the NEWBITS Community of Interest, and aims at becoming an ITS-focused information and collaboration tool in Europe that will foster awareness of relevant ITS projects, ideas, products and services globally.

Representative for the key ITS business areas, market segments and transport modes, there are four groups in the CoI that can be distinguished according to the following applications:

  • Sustainable intercity mobility
  • Efficient traffic management systems
  • Efficiency-maximising solutions for goods transport on water
  • Railway customer satisfaction and safety

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Inquiries can be addressed to:

Mr. Ilias Trochidis
Research and innovation strategist at Ortelio Ltd

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