ISINNOVA and RUGGEDISED at the India Advantage Summit in India

Mario Gualdi of ISINNOVA presented the RUGGEDISED project at the India Advantage Summit in Bangalore, India on September 21-22, 2017. The purpose of the summit was to bring together key stakeholders, such as government representatives, industry leaders, investors, bankers, global experts, city planners, architects, real-estate development firms and university professors working in the domain of SMART Cities, and to share, discuss, ideate and partner in order to bring innovative practices, best case studies and globally tried and tested frameworks to India.

The task of RUGGEDISED was to share the approach to smart cities and the replication process, and to launch a bridge with India to be consolidated with Mumbai’s planned cooperation and with the possible inclusion of other Indian cities in the City Interest Group.

The event gave a general introduction to smart city technologies and services available today in India, with emphasis on the role of large corporations and start-ups in the development of smart “townships”. RUGGEDISED provided an overview of the underlying considerations that led to the formation of our consortium and the conceptualisation of our project. Emphasis was placed on the leading role of city governments in envisioning a smart future and attaining it with a partnership of local stakeholders. RUGGEDISED also offered to cooperate with individual Indian cities, also via inclusion in the City Interest Group, with a group of cities, or with the full Smart Cities Mission – India. The latter presents certain challenges, as it is a large top-down scheme run by the Indian Government and the Indian States, while the previous options may be viable over time. With the support of ISINNOVA, RUGGEDISED could offer its replication model as a benchmark for knowledge sharing and smart city strategising.

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