I3U at the 22ème Congrès des Économistes: Les enjeux de l’innovation

The 22nd Congress of Economists, to be held at ULB on November 30, will discuss “The challenges of innovation: What policies? What kind of governance?”

A number of points regarding innovation and policy will be discussed, and Anabela Santos of ULB will present a paper about I3U‘s results in her presentation on “New European financial instruments of innovation and financing constraints of firms”.

For more information and to register:  http://www.congresdeseconomistes.be/

The objective of I3U – Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union is to deliver a system of assessment for the 13 general objectives and 34 specific (policy) commitments aimed at strengthening and stimulating European innovation. The approach starts from the evaluation of the state of achievement of the individual commitments, but puts crucial emphasis on their effects in the innovation system as a whole, as well as on the economy-wide effects of innovation. The basic idea is to retrace the entire chain of effects of the commitments, from their implementation to their final impact in terms of competitiveness, growth or employment.