CIVITAS PORTIS newsletter 4CIVITAS PORTIS has just released its fourth newsletter.  It presents the progress in its living labs, the action plan for a key transport corridor in the North East of Scotland and the Bicycle Bus in Antwerp. It also talks about Klaipeda’s “green wave”, the Bovedo intermodal car park and the enhancement of the Old Port area in Trieste.


CIVITAS PORTIS designs, demonstrates and evaluates integrated sets of sustainable mobility measures in five major port cities on the North Sea (Aberdeen and Antwerp), the Mediterranean Sea (Trieste), the Black Sea (Constanta), and Baltic Sea (Klaipeda). A follower port city on the East China Sea (Ningbo) is also involved.

Local measures are organised in four clusters: Governance- to increase port-city collaborative planning; People-to foster less car-dependent mobility styles; Transport system- to strengthen the efficiency of road traffic management; Goods- to enhance logistics and freight transport.

*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement number 690713.