ISINNOVA’s Carlo Sessa has co-authored a study on Transparent, Responsible, Inclusive, and Sustainable (TRIS) Development in the Mediterranean, the Blue Transition Policy Roadmap. 

EMEA-EMNES Blue Transition RoadmapThe Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) and the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies (EMNES) have launched one of their most ambitious studies to date – the Blue Transition Policy Roadmap towards (TRIS) Development Model in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Authored by Professor Rym Ayadi and Carlo Sessa of EMEA, and backed by a large collaborative team of EMNES researchers, the Study calls for the implementation of a strategic framework to accomplish TRIS over the coming decades.

The framework should focus on “thinking, imagining and implementing the future we want” to achieve Transparent governance, Responsible living, an Inclusive economy and Sustainable energy and environmental goals – the “TRIS-development” model.

This framework will guide policy responses to manage the short, medium, long-term challenges facing our economies and societies amidst the going global pandemic COVID-19.

For more about the study, and to download the full study, read the full press release.