Bike-friendly municipalities in Italy now number 30

Today, 16 new “yellow flags”, the recognition from FIAB, the Italian Cycling Federation, were awarded to a number of municipalities that have joined the COMUNE CICLABILE (bike-friendly municipality) project. This award recognises the bike-friendliness of a locality and its territory.

The FIAB COMUNE CICLABILE award assigns scores from 1 to 5, which are based on different parameters and indicated by the number of “bike-smiles” on the flag.

Thus, there are 30 bike-friendly municipalities in Italy, divided into 12 regions, from Friuli to Sardinia, with a high level of participation in some areas, such as the Veneto, Emilia Romagna, the Marche and Abruzzo.

It is possible to apply for membership to this first edition of COMUNE CICLABILE until the end of the year, and by March, other yellow flags will be issued to those who request it. Municipalities wishing to receive recognition must meet at least two requirements of the application: one in the urban infrastructure area (urban cycling, and traffic and speed moderation) and one in at least one of the other three evaluation areas (“cyclotourism”, “governance”, and “communication & promotion”). Get more information on joining the initiative directly at

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