Andrea Ricci Socioeconomic Impacts of Automated VehiclesLast summer, ISINNOVA’s Andrea Ricci served as the rapporteur for the Sixth EU–US Transportation Research Symposium, which took place on June 26–27, 2018. The symposium, which discussed the socioeconomic impacts of automated and connected vehicles, was organized by the European Commission and the Transportation Research Board.

As rapporteur, Andrea Ricci drafted summaries of the general sessions and of the breakout groups, including keynote speeches and the presentations of the white paper and of the exploratory topics. He also attended breakout group sessions to gain a better understanding of the challenges and of potential topics for future research discussed by the participants, and he collected and analyzed notes prepared by the moderators to gather additional insights on the topic-related debates and their outcomes.

He developed a potential portfolio for EU-US research on the socioeconomic impacts of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). Despite some inevitable overlaps, the potential research topics can be grouped into the following subject areas: transport ecosystem, governance, and public policies; impact evaluation; regulation and standards; strategies, planning, and best practices; acceptability; and data, methods, and tools. These research topics may be considered by the European Commission, the Transportation Research Board, and other funding agencies and research program owners on both sides of the Atlantic when devising their future research agendas and prioritizing projects and twinning opportunities.

For more on potential research areas, as well as a white paper on the socioeconomic impacts of CAVs, see the full report