Giovanna Giuffrè, Partner

Giovanna Giuffrè (Participatory Foresight Expert) has worked with ISINNOVA since 2008, and is a partner since 2010. Giovanna has worked on the research and management of several IEE, FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects in the environmental, sustainability and health fields. Through her work on scenario-building research projects, Giovanna has gained experience analysing trends and policies, facilitating workshops, and redacting policy recommendations. These projects include BOHEMIA; RARE2030; FRESHER – Foresight and modelling for European Health policy and regulation; FLAGSHIP‐Forward Looking analysis of grand societal challenges and innovative policies;  PASHMINA‐Paradigm Shift Modelling and Innovative approaches; URBACHINA; and PACT‐Pathways for Carbon Transition. In the framework of EU projects, Giovanna has researched and analysed policies in order to evaluate their impacts and effectiveness and has offered support to local authorities in planning and managing sustainable policies. Previous experience has included working for networks of local authorities on European sustainable procurement projects (EUROCITIES and ICLEI) and for a network of non‐governmental organisations (Medlink ‐ Mediterranean links) on a project aimed at enhancing NGO cooperation in the Mediterranean area. Giovanna holds a Law degree from La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy and has a Masters in European Studies, College of Europe, Warsaw, with a focus on EC environmental law.