Giorgia Galvini

Taking a holistic approach to knowledge, Giorgia Galvini has worked in different areas of research, from interdisciplinary strategies of investigation and experimentation, to statistic assessments of quality of life. Prior to coming to ISINNOVA, Giorgia Galvini worked in project management for both the profit and non-profit sector at the local and international levels. She has carried out fundraising activities, applying for different funding calls, such as EU H2020 PRIMA, Erasmus+ KA2, the Smart City Mission from the Government of India, private foundations and ministerial programs. Thanks to these opportunities, she has developed projects covering the circular economy and sustainable development in the energy, agricultural and water management sectors. With a degree in Development and International Cooperation from the University of Bologna, she has started her research about the economic theory of price and the product environmental footprint at the Sustainability Research Institute of Leeds. A native speaker of Italian, she also speaks English and Spanish.