Silvia Gaggi, Senior Partner

Silvia graduated with a degree in International and Diplomatic Science in Trieste (Italy) in 1995 and took a post graduate degree in European Studies in Louvain la Neuve (Belgium) in 1996. Before joining ISINNOVA in 2004, she worked as coordinator of the network Access/Eurocities (Brussels), for the promotion of sustainable urban transport, acquiring a strong expertise in project and communication management, as well as in-depth understanding of policies influencing mobility, both at European and local level. Her past projects record includes: European Mobility Week, Car Free Day, EPOMM, TOSCA, MOST, BESTUFS. For ISINNOVA she works in the management of European projects, being responsible of coordination and dissemination activities, as well as organization of stakeholders engagement and participatory processes. Her projects record includes: CIVITAS CATALIST, NEEDS, COMPRO, RAISE, STADIUM, PASSO, RITS-Net, CLEAN FLEETS, TRIP. She is currently coordinating the H2020 MIND-SETS project- Understanding the motives behind transport choices; CIVITAS PORTIS as well as ENABLE.EU. She serves occasionally as expert for the European Commission to evaluate project proposals and running projects. Italian mother tongue, she is fluent in English and French, and has a good knowledge of Spanish.