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About us

ISINNOVA, the Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems, is an independent Italian research institute supporting international, national and local public bodies for the analysis, the design, the implementation and the evaluation of sustainable policies in the fields of energy, environment, transport and mobility, urban planning, and knowledge society.

For more than four decades ISINNOVA has supplied expertise and solved complex problems for a variety of public and private organisations, and notably for the European Commission. Founded in 1971, ISINNOVA relies on the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team, including engineers, statisticians, experts in information technology, social scientists, and economists. It avails itself of state-of-the-art information technologies and has developed its own interactive and user-friendly software applications. ISINNOVA has substantial experience in the management of and participation in EU-funded projects in the FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes, and has a well-established network of alliances currently active in Europe and beyond.

ISINNOVA has worked extensively in the field of policy impact assessment, particularly with regard to socio-economic impacts and the development and application of forward-looking analysis (FLA) methods and tools.

ISINNOVA has played an important role in the conception and implementation of some of the most significant projects carried out in Europe, participating both as a leader and a partner in over 100 European projects.

The global mind-set of our staff and their ability to work in several languages provide a unique added value to our international and Italian clients.

Our philosophy

By mandate, governments must pass sustainable policies that benefit the entire community. Empirical evidence shows that good practice is the result of research processes that seek to provide or adapt local solutions to universal problems, which others can use as a guide and further modify to better meet their needs. The ability to collect and analyse heterogeneous information, apply proven and logical methodologies, and cut across disciplinary borders is key.

Participation in headline projects throughout Europe has given ISINNOVA an advantageous observation point as well as a comprehensive overview of advances in transport, mobility, energy and the environment. This broad perspective and knowledge allows us to provide comparisons and benchmarking with similar initiatives in different countries, adding considerable value to policy making and deployment.

Working with ISINNOVA means having access to and cooperating with a wide network of international contacts that have partnered with us over the years, including governments, ministries, agencies, universities, and public and private research and consulting organisations. Appropriate collaborative groups can be formed to best respond to the needs at hand.

Sustainable development is a challenge for both post-industrial economies and economies that are witnessing a recent and unprecedented rate of growth. The latter have the opportunity to integrate development with sustainability by capitalising on the vast experience accrued in Europe. For countries beyond Europe with a specific interest in sustainable and innovative solutions, ISINNOVA can serve as an effective conduit to this valuable body of knowledge.

Our team

Riccardo Enei

Transport and urban mobility

With a background in Political Science, he works in transport, economics and information systems for data analysis.

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Stefano Faberi

Energy and environment

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, he has 20+ years of experience in energy efficiency, planning and assessment.

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Silvia Gaggi

Transport and urban mobility

With a degree in international and diplomatic studies, she is an expert in European project management and sustainable policies.

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Giovanna Giuffrè

Scenarios and governance

Specializing in EU environmental policies and project management, she works on governance and energy-related projects.

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Mario Gualdi

Transport and urban mobility

With a background in International Relations and Urban and Regional Planning, he is an expert in  innovative urban mobility policies.

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Loredana Marmora

Transport and urban mobility

With a degree in Economics and European project management, she focuses on project management and sustainable urban mobility.

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Loriana Paolucci

Energy and environment

With a degree in Energy Engineering, she focuses on EU projects in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

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Donato Pellegrini


With a degree in Statistics, he has long-term experience in transport and research on a number of European projects.

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Margaret Pesuit


With degrees in literature and history, Margaret Pesuit develops, manages and coordinates communication initiatives.

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Francesca Pietroni

Transport and urban mobility

With a degree in Management Engineering and a specialization in Environmental Studies, she works on transport-related European projects.

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Stefano Proietti

Energy and environment

With a degree in Political Science, he has significant international experience, particularly in recycling, environment and research projects.

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Irina Rachieru


With a degree in International Relations and Economics, she supports financial and communication activities at all levels.

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Andrea Ricci

Scenarios and governance

With a degree in Engineering, he has extensive experience in sustainable policy analysis, impact assessment, and forward looking analysis.

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Carlo Sessa

Scenarios and governance

Former researcher at NYU, where he worked with Nobel Prize winner Wassily Leontieff, he is an expert in forward looking analysis.

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Danilo Zaini


With a degree in Statistics, he has an in-depth knowledge of web development and has participated in several European research projects.

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